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"Part of Varona’s genius is his profound insight into the psychology of healthy eating. Rather than demanding immediate abandonment of our lifelong habits, his work gently guides us down a pathway of step-by-step changes that are practical and manageable. His wisdom will empower you to make important life-saving changes in your eating habits and enable you to sustain those healthy eating patterns over the long haul.”  

– Mark Scholz, MD, Medical Director, Prostate Oncology Specialists Inc, Marina Del Rey;  

Executive Director, Prostate Cancer Research Institute, Los Angeles

Wellness Strategies

for Creating

an Exceptional Life

SKYPE Counseling

Our sessions are done through Zoom, the online telephone that allows us
to see each other. This allows our interactions to be in visual real time — next
best thing to literally being there. The support I offer is personalized and comprehensive. While the books that I have authored might be helpful,
I believe that there is really no substitute for personalized coaching.

Meet Verne

Verne Varona has become known as one of the most captivating and dynamic health educators in the country. For over forty years, his lectures, workshops and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health.

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"Verne Varona is an extraordinary teacher in the health and wellness fields with a deep knowledge base. Our participants from all around the world have learned greatly from him while enjoying his wit and humor.  He combines his presentations with current state of the art research and a unique perspective filled with humor and caring. 

- Lawrence Cooper CEO and Founder, Health Classics Productions – Santa Barbara, CA 

Books by Verne Varona

Verne's 2001 book, Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods  was completely revised and updated in late 2014 and published the same year by Perigee Books (Penguin/Random House). His second book, Macrobiotics for Dummies (Wiley Publications–2009), is part of the internationally popular Dummies series and stands as a comprehensive work that offers a flexible, multi-cultural perspective on body, mind and spirit. On the invitation of Mark Scholz, MD, Verne wrote a contributing chapter on "Whole Nutrition for Prostate Health & Recovery" for the late 2017 release of:  "The Key to Prostate Cancer."

Contributing Author

Chapter 47

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