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The Private Session Process via 


My goal is to help you to understand the critical factors that stand in the way of bettering your health, or working against your healing; then, we can discuss how to bolster immune function, maximize nutrition or balance food groups. 


Our sessions are done via ZOOM, the online telephone that allows us to see each other. I have a private Zoom room, so connecting is just a matter of receiving a link from me.   


With Zoom, our interactions are in visual real-time – the next best thing to being there. My counseling support is personalized and comprehensive. While the books that I have authored can be helpful, I believe there really is no substitute for personalized coaching, which provides ongoing support and education. Additionally, this kind of information is constantly reinvented or updated, as developments happen and others become disproven. Therefore information is ever-changing. Being able to have your questions answered helps keep you on track.


Since 1971, I have explored the natural alternative world and can help you navigate resources compatible with your needs. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical about online counseling, but after decades of practice, I've had more success in counseling people and supporting them through this medium than the thirty-five years prior when I did not have access to Skype and did office and home visits. 


The most important guiding element is having informed and experienced support—and this is precisely what I offer. I am as far away as your telephone, or email. I always welcome questions and if they are emailed, you will have a prompt return email answer for further reference. 

Please feel free to email me for a brief chat so I can tell you more about how I would work with your health concerns: 


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