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Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods

Originally published in 2001, this book was based on personal study, client feedback and my clinical experience doing nutritional counseling for a medical group that I co-founded in Los Angeles. In 2014, I completed a one-year total revamp and update of this book; every chapter was revised, several tossed out and four new ones added. I also added a 40-page chapter on the key factors that cancer survivors shared, based again on continued counseling experience, hundreds of interviews with cancer survivors and continous personal study. I am proud of this new edition and grateful for the excellent editorial support I received from the staff of Perigee Books of Penguin/Random House publications.  Read More >

Macrobiotics for Dummies

Based on four decades of study, this book evolved from my personal experience, as well as feedback from many clients. The word Macrobiotic is a compound word adapted from Greek that means large (macro) and life (bios). As a dynamic philosophy of living, it defines itself as being a comprehensive way of life, offering invigorating principles that guide and educate with practical tools to strengthen body, mind and spirit. It is a broad work that offers a flexible, multi-cultural health program that also embraces mind and spirit health. The ultimate goal of a macrobiotic path is to create freedom; from fear, from sickness and from living lives of indifference. To be "macrobiotic" is simply to have a personal goal of living a large and meaningful life."   Read More >

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