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Praise for Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods

"If you have the inspiration, Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods is an excellent, unbiased source of information that can help you on your healing journey."

Bernie Siegel, MD - Author, Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions For Living

"Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods is an excellent book for preventing and dealing with cancer. It is much more than I expected. Not only does it talk about cancer fighting properties of food, it discussed an overall strategy, mindset and approach. It is also a good balance of science and practical suggestions including recipes and a menu. It has plenty of citation to scientific literature to show that what he is saying is legit (20 pages of citations), but not so much that it is overwhelming. I'm recommending it for my patients."

Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH - Author, The Peace Diet

"With two decades of cancer care behind me, I remain more convinced than ever that the recipe for a cancer free lifestyle includes mind-body fitness, a life affirming attitude, soft fractionated approaches to chemo-therapy when needed, precise lab studies tailored to determine the appropriate nutrients and herbs for each individual, and quite significantly, a diet of anti-cancer foods.
For anyone confused or uncertain about what to eat, Verne Varona's splendid work is a must. Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods has
not only answered your need, but should be read by anyone fearful of this dreaded illness."

Keith I. Block, M.D. - Medical and Scientific Director, Block Medical Center and The Institute for Integrative Cancer Care

"Verne Varona clarifies many dietary myths while presenting a clear nutritional guideline for cancer-prevention strategies. Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods presents powerful information that should be available to all."

Jack Canfield - Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods is a lifesaver.  Not just for Cancer candidates, but for anyone who wants to eat sanely in a world where convenience and efficiency has taken precedent over health.  It's filled with crucial information and is actually fun to read."

Alan Arkin - Actor, Author, Musician

Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods, by Verne Varona offers a much needed coherent approach to a healthier way of eating for the purpose of preventing and reversing cancer. But this is not a laundry list of which foods to eat or avoid, rather it is a formula of health strategies where food is the tool to achieve them. This very accessible book should be helpful for those trying to reverse cancer, those trying to prevent illness or anyone just trying to find a diet that will help them feel better. "

Townsend Letter for Doctor's & Patients - Reviewed by Katherine Duff 

"In a unique, passionate and articulate voice, Verne Varona has written a thought provoking blend of modern science, good nutrition and hope. Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods is a necessary wake-up call and guide to good health."

Harold Bloomfield, M.D. - Author, Making Peace with Your Past

"Verne Varona's wonderful book, Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods is delightfully readable and scientifically sensible. A surprising bonus in the book is Mr. Varona's wise and practical insight into transition process toward a better lifestyle and diet. Mr. Varona has provided us with a wonderful new resource for better health."

Mark Scholz M.D. - Director, Healing Touch Oncology, Los Angeles - Author, Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers (with Ralph Blum)

"Simple, clear, effective techniques and explanations that can both prevent cancer and alter its path. A wonderful and doable program on the healing power of specific foods. I have worked with many cancer patients over the years who have received great benefit, comfort, and healing from Verne’s program. Now it is finally available to all. Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods is a must read!"

Michelle Declare O'Neill, Ph.D., R.N. - Director, Mind/Body Center, Pacific Palisades, CA 

"In Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods, Verne Varona offers invaluable information about how to consciously and positively transform our health. His writing and deep sense of caring make him an outstanding and unique individual in the field of preventive health care."

Barbara De Angelis Ph.D. - Author, Soul Shifts

"Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods is a much-needed resource for combating the growing cancer epidemic. In a user-friendly way, Verne Varona provides specific, research- based dietary information that empowers readers to begin their own personal program for optimum health."

Hyla Cass, M.D. - Author, Eight Weeks to Vibrant Health and The Addicted Brain

"Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods is an excellent encyclopedic work for self-healing."

William Dufty - Author, Sugar Blues

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