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A client questionnaire, sent after your consultation is confirmed, allows me to evaluate your physical, and other aspects of your health by the detail of your responses.   

Visual Session

Most sessions are via Skype (or iPhone FaceTime). If you counsel via Skype, I will explain how visual health evaluation works. If Skyping is not available, telephone and email can also work effectively.   


Payments are made prior to our actual appointment via a debit card payment with Square CashMe App. Square is easy to use, takes debit cards and is securely encrypted. Other payment options are Western Union and Wire Transfers, however these options do have a cost.   


Sessions can be scheduled during the day or early evening.   

Session Booklet and PDF Downloads

After our initial session, you will receive several educational PDF's (easy-to-open, Portable Document Format ) via email, which provides important educational support. You will also be sent my client booklet after our first session, which is best used as a reference.  


The time between your first and second session allows you to list any relevant questions. After the second question, I offer follow-up support for a 4-week period. Your questions are welcomed. Responses to these questions are usually answered within 24 hours by email, if not in real time via Skype or telephone.


For more information regarding your questions or concerns, please contact me here.

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