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About Verne

Verne Varona has become an international renowned keynote speaker with a captivating style that uses humor, insight and practical science to improve and enrich the lives of many. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition at the East West Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts (1970-1974).


Verne is a frequent guest on a variety of media platforms where his research expertise and entertaining teaching style make him a welcome and often repeat visitor.


With a physician associate, Verne co-created, The ODDS Program (Off Dangerous Drugs Safely); a dietary program designed to reverse pharmaceutical drug dependency.


He is the author of, Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods (Revised from an original 2001 edition to a completely new and updated 2014 edition from Perigee Books (Division, Penguin/Random House). Verne's second book,  Macrobiotics for Dummies (May, 2009—Wiley Publications), belongs to the internationally popular Dummies series and is a comprehensive work that embraces a flexible, multicultural health perspective on body, mind and spirit. 


Verne is a native New Yorker and currently living and working on the West Coast and producing several multi-media projects.

“Of all the relationships we develop in this lifetime, the most important and intimate relationship we have is the one with our own body. It is the physical residence in which we live and the home of our psyche and spirit. Not understanding how your body works, how to nourish it or how to interpret its distress signals can make you feel homeless in your own body—disconnected and alone. By experimenting with the way you nourish body and mind you’ll come to know what works and what doesn’t.  Developing the ability to manage and control your health is the foundation for an energetic, conscious and quality life.”  

                                                                           — Verne Varona

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