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Exceptional Health

Exceptional Health™ counseling is a developed program that offers specific body, mind and spirit support through proven dietary strategies that are personalized for your concerns and based on my four decades of personal and professional research, as well as client experience.


That experience embraces multi-cultural dietary suggestions, practical techniques for psychological transformation and ancient life principles common to many religions and cultures. The noble goal of this type of counseling is to help clients strengthen their weaknesses, heal their deficiencies and learn empowering and practical strategies for enhancing, challenging and balancing their lives.


Prompt results over the years have proven this to be a powerful healing path. Clients enjoy greater control of their health;

restored bowel function; improved energy; more restful sleep; better endurance; sharper mental clarity; and discover
an internal peace that was previously elusive.


Everything we put into our mouth (as well as everything that comes out of our mouth), influences our health and eventual happiness. For what goes in we can apply dietary rules of balance that have a 6,000-year historical track record. For what comes out, we need to expand our perspective and re-examine our lives and perspectives with a renewed way of thinking.

"Real healing is about challenging our fears; expanding what has been constricted and making what is rigid more flexible. Ultimately, healing is about opening to trust and recovering faith.

– Verne Varona

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