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"Verne Varona is an extraordinary health and wellness teacher with a deep knowledge base. Our participants from all around the world have learned greatly from him while enjoying his wit and humor.  Verne combines his presentations with current state-of-the-art research and a unique perspective filled with humor and caring.  Based on my long working relationship with him, I am glad to recommend him as a gifted teacher and author.”


Lawrence Cooper

CEO and Founder,
Health Classics Productions

"I personally have heard Verne lecture on how the food you eat impacts every aspect of a person's life. His presentation had a real effect on changing my diet because not only was it true but his method of presentation was great. Verne was funny, serious, descriptive and honest. Everyone reading Verne's books will also benefit from his wisdom." 


Arturo S. Rodriguez, President

United Farm Workers of America,


"Verne is a rare entity in the field of natural health care. He has a wide range of experience as an independent consultant and as part of a group practice. His depth of understanding in the field of health and healing is amplified by his skill as a presenter. He is informed, inspiring and amusing - he gets people out of their seats and into action."


Bill Tara, Director, Human Ecology Project, Author and Health Advocate


Verne Varona has engaged, inspired and touched the hearts of audiences from London to Dubai, Croatia to Calgary and throughout the US. His passionate, content-rich and humor-filled presentations have empowered people to take better and more conscious care of their health.

Verne draws on a wealth of personal experience as an insightful health consultant for over 4 decades and as an ongoing health researcher and keynote speaker for business expos, medical conferences and general public venues.

His enthusiasm is contagious, his inspiration is profound and he manages to conveys his content with warmth and humor. Verne’s unique gift is in simplifying the complicated and openly sharing moving, insightful content.


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