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Real Nutrition

Designing A Flexible Eating Plan For Your Unique Needs

This workshop blends the best of traditional cultural approaches to food and healing with recent advances
in nutritional research.

Topics: What foods support our physical design;, how our bodies naturally detoxify; the influence of our acid-alkaline chemistry; the physical reasons for certain food cravings; refreshing clarity on food myths that we've been force-fed by media and archaic nutritional education.

Adventures in Recovery

Twelve Essential Traits Of A Self-Healing Individual

Based on over four decades of counseling individuals with degenerative sickness, this talk is one of Verne's most popular. It will touch your heart, stimulate your intellect, entertain and inspire. This workshop focuses on the essential traits that people who have healed themselves from degenerative diseases share; what it really takes to heal; and how to navigate through the overwhelming waters of alternative solutions.

Prompt, Proven & Permanent Weight-Loss

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals, Naturally

The secret of weigh-loss is not as complicated as we are led to believe. Restoring the natural balance of necessary nutrients, and acid-alkaline factors to our body fluids is the first step toward restoring our natural detoxifying ability.  Changing carbohydrate, fat and protein ratios and learning effective craving strategies, makes losing weight less of an effort with more prompt, proven and positive results.

Food Myths We've Been Force-Fed

Overcoming Dietary Propaganda

We have swallowed many food myths that are unsubstantiated and have little health value. Mostly, they’ve been based on financial interests of food conglomerates and other special interests. Some of these myths: The No Salt Myth; The 8-Glass-A-Day Water Myth; The Dairy As A "Best" Calcium Source Myth; The High-Protein Myth; "Carbo-Phobia" the Most Misunderstood Food Group; The Acid-Blood Myth; The Raw Food Myth; The Sugar Myth; etc. Find out what works and what doesn’t and how to go about testing this for your own experience and conviction.

Bottom Line Disease Prevention/Treatment Strategies

Essential Steps for Health Recovery

This presentation explains the essential four strategies in disease recovery: 1) Fortifying Blood Quality; 
2) Stimulating Immunity; 3) Regulating Blood Sugar; 4) Fortifying The Body’s Natural Detox System.
These four factors form a foundational approach for managing most degenerative conditions. This talk includes explanations about cutting-edge dietary and supplement support for aiding this four-step process.

Reduce/Eliminate Cravings!

Effective Strategies For Eliminating Fat, Sugar And Overeating Cravings

Guaranteed to enlighten and inspire. This workshop explains craving strategies, eating psychology and recent nutritional advances. Most importantly, this talk offers practical solutions for eliminating sweet, fatty food and overeating cravings by better understanding the many physical, chemical, and emotional reasons behind them.

Meaning, Creativity & Intuition

Recreating Yourself As A Person Of Passion

Meaning, creativity, and intuition are all critical components for a fulfilling life. This lecture redefines meaning and also details how we can become more creative individuals. It reveals the subtle process of the ways that we can strengthen our intuitive abilities and how this can be used to enhance our everyday life. 

The Best of Eastern & Western Self-Diagnosis Techniques

Demystifying The Art Of Self-Examination — How To Evaluate Your Own Health

Cultural medicines had a unique way of evaluating and individual's health simply by looking at the face, hands, eyes and mannerisms. When your doctor asks you to stick out your tongue, or feels your glands, pinches your skin, asks about your appetite, sleep or energy levels, these are all diagnostic indicators that reveal tendencies toward different conditions. This fascinating workshop unifies both Western and Eastern methods of self-evaluation and offers participants better understanding and more control over health and well-being. A power-point slide show illustrates specific diagnostic examples for identifying these signs.

Everyday Detox Strategies

The Real Story Behind The Concept Of “Cleansing”

This workshop reveals common detox myths and the most effective ways to purge the body of toxins using our natural detox ability. We have a unique physiology that is enormously effective in discharging toxins--we just have to cease putting them in our bodies! Learn how you can naturally detox and strengthen these internal systems.

Don't EvenThink About Laughing!

The Everyday Healing Power Of Humor

A workshop devoted to understanding and using humor as a communication and healing tool. Learn what makes something humorous, the power of anecdotes, the effect of humor on immunity, and novel ways to discover humor in everyday life. Essentially, humor is about surrendering to the present moment. This inspiring talk is therapeutic and NOT to be missed! Get your "Vitamin H" in an entertaining dose!


The Men's Workshop

“Inner” Adventuring Made Easy

The Men's Workshop is a condensed version of a national workshop the Verne used to offer throughout the country. Today, as conscious men, we face the challenges of learning to balance power with sensitivity, strength with feeling and mind with heart. Topics: The Body, Mind and Spirit of Sex / The Real Meaning of, “Talk To Me,” / Secrets About ED Every Man Should Know / Redefining Romance / The Food of Love, etc.


Creating Exceptional Health

A Natural Multi-Cultural Approach To A Healthier Way Of Life

This talk, based on Verne’s books,  focuses on the common dietary and health traditions of East Indian, Western European, Traditional Asian and North & South American cultures. It identifies the healthy dietary factors that these cultures share and offers a redefined approach to the natural wisdom they have cultivated over thousands of years in their native medicinal remedies.

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