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Five Private Session Options

Special Winter/Spring Rates!

From January 21st - June 21st — ALL Session Options!

Sliding scale options available. Contact me for details.

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Personalized Health Counseling

2 Sessions/4-Weeks Follow-Up with PDF Materials

Personalized counseling typically occurs in two comprehensive sessions that are followed up with 4-weeks of support. Your questions are welcomed.  Each session is one hour and 15 minutes, but can go beyond that time, if necessary. Our first session reviews your questionnaire and covers essential questions while offering interim recommendations (dietary and lifestyle) to achieve your health goals.  

After our first session, you will be sent a number of PDFs (articles I’ve written for client education) to gain more insight about your particular concerns. Our second session, typically 7-days to 10-days from our first session, personalizes this information and concludes what will eventually make-up a customized 4-Week Plan targeted for your needs and lifestyle.  

Prompt, Proven & Permanent Weight Loss

2 Sessions/4-Weeks Follow-Up with PDF Materials

Weight-loss consults require two comprehensive sessions and are followed up with 4-weeks of intensive support. Your questions are welcomed. Each session is approximately one hour and 15-minutes, but can go beyond that time, if necessary. Our first session reviews your questionnaire, covers your essential weight-loss goals and offers immediate suggestions for understanding weight gain and previous weight-loss failure. Information to help eliminate cravings and create better dietary balance is an integral part of these sessions.

Within 24-hours, I will send you a session recap that includes additional suggestions and references. Our second session, typically 7- days to 10-days from the first session, personalizes this information and creates a dynamic and flexible weight-loss plan that will enhance your appearance, overall health and general well-being. The results are prompt, proven and permanent.    

Client Review - Your Next Step

One Session + 2-Weeks Email/Phone Follow-Up

A Client Review is the next step for transforming your health and lifestyle habits. A Client Review helps to get you back on track and re-customizes a plan for your success. They are motivational, help sharpen focus and encourages a healthy sense of self-challenge. Having already discussed basics we can now look deeper at other areas of imbalance and their potential solutions. For this reason, Client Reviews typically last 1 to 1-1/2 hours and are highly transformational sessions.  

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Cancer Counseling

3 Sessions + 4-Weeks Follow-Up/PDF Materials

Cancer counseling is comprised of three (3) comprehensive sessions. Our third session is often devoted to personal research that I do on natural alternatives, as well as unique ways to make conventional strategies more effective while helping to minimize painful or debilitating side effects.


Practical, easy-to-follow dietary suggestions are offered to minimize preparation, yet maximize results. There are a number of proven ways to enhance our immune function, bolster nutrition

and minimize stress to ensure a stronger immunity. But, there are no cookie-cutter recommendations

and counseling needs be customized for each client. All recommendations cover dietary suggestions, herbs, supplements, current alternative options, referrals and references.   

POV™ Counseling (Body, Mind & Spirit)

Sessions available for singles and couples.

POV Counseling is a unique form of counseling that emphasizes the importance of approaching our problems with a body, mind and spirit perspective.  It recognizes our innate tendency to depend on our expectations, yet helps us become less attached to the control that usually accompanies them. It also recognizes the value of feelings and offers unique ways for articulating those feelings without becoming emotionally indulgent or overly analytical.


POV Counseling will uncover the passionate you and the loving you, by first identifying and learning how

we can make healthier choices in the way we love and nurture ourselves. Couple Sessions are also available to clients. Having a POV template, makes it much easier to deal with core issues between couples in order to heal and reconnect.


POV Counseling is ultimately designed to create independence from a counselor by offering practical tools and strategies that can help us to overcome issues which keep us locked in negative cycles, emotional inertia, ill-health and poor communication. Home assignments are offered to refine this work and help the transformational process. After this first session, I will promptly send a session recap that includes additional suggestions and references.   

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