Part 3 - "Be Your Own Doc!" Self-Healing Strategies for Everyday Living

12 Essential Self-Diagnosis Questions I use the following twelve questions for client evaluations. I believe they can offer tremendous insight for evaluating our current health and limitations of perspective. HOW IS YOUR APPETITE? IS YOUR BOWEL MOVEMENT REGULAR? HOW IS THE QUALITY OF YOUR SLEEP? ARE YOU MOODY? DO YOU HAVE CRAVINGS (sugar, oil, flour, meats, salt, etc.)? OR, DESIRE SPECIFIC FOOD TASTES (salty, sweet, sour, bitter pungent)? HOW IS YOUR ENERGY LEVEL? DO YOU HAVE CURRENT STRESSES THAT YOU CANNOT RESOLVE? DO YOU HAVE ANY ONGOING BODY PAIN? DO YOU EXERCISE REGULARLY? AEROBIC, STRENGTH-TRAINING OR STRETCHING? DO YOU HAVE A PRIMARY RELATIONSHIP? IS IT SUPPORTIVE AND NURTURING? DO YO

Part 2 - "Be Your Own Doc!" Self-Healing Strategies for Everyday Living

Levels of Self-Care There are three general categories of Self-Care that are all based on controlling our health: Identifying your symptoms. Treating them symptomatically by natural means, when necessary and if possible. Preventing them from future reoccurrence with body, mind and spirit strategies. Seven conditions can be attributed to most modern ills: Inflammation Blood Sugar Irregularity Inability to Detox Mental Clarity Body Fluid pH Chemistry Inadequate Rest Nutritional Deficiency Inflammation Physical injury usually results in tissue swelling. Joint pain can also be a cause of inflammation—this is often, systemic. Inflammation can also be a healing sign, as this is a biologically self

Be Your Own Doctor!

Self-Healing Strategies for Everyday Living Being your own doctor means to develop a confident self-monitoring ability that keeps you aware of your physical and mental health condition. It also means becoming more sensitive to the subtle distress signals of your body and knowing the limits of what you can and cannot do to help yourself. Some common symptoms that broadcast internal distress, deficiency, excess or degeneration, are the following: The above symptoms are ways that your body telegraphs distress. Many of these conditions have the potential to be healed. While some might be more challenging to heal, there are still simple diet and lifestyle changes you can make which will help, or

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